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How can you help?

To accomplish these projects we are looking for supporters from all around the world.   You can help us in the following ways:

- Volunteering in our projects in Uganda

- Developing partnerships with our organization

- Buying local handmade goods and crafts

- Offering financial support 



Volunteers can help in any of our activities that coincide with their interests and talent. They can visit amazing sites in Uganda during the weekends, enjoy the company of friendly locals and other volunteers, taste delicious dishes and fruits, and learn about the nuances of our culture. 
We already hosted more than 70 volunteers of different ages, cultures, religions and with different abilities, and all of them have enjoyed and learned a lot from this wonderful experience.


Buying local goods and craft

The local ability to buy is not strong enough, so we are promoting these unique pieces online. Please check out the available pieces in our shop, or make unique orders directly from us! 


Financial support

As an Ugandan NGO we are always facing financial problems and looking for people who can afford to help us with different projects.

We are looking for supporters to support girls go back to school, to feed the children at the San Martino school, to generate jobs for vulnerable people, to invest the money in general crops...

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